Home Internet Security – Is Antivirus Enough?

Home Internet Security

Home Internet Security is a topic I’ve been giving a lot of thought to lately. I don’t think anti-virus is enough, and it hasn’t been for quite some time. 

Consider today’s threats: malware embedded in PDF’s, Drive by exploits, java script attachments in zip files, macros in excel documents, phishing sites, XSS attacks, intrusion attempts,  and ransomware. Antivirus does not stop all this and leaves you wide open to those threats that can easily bypass anti-virus and anti-spyware.

Anti-virus Offers some protection for Windows – but there’s a lack of good anti virus products for Linux and OS X. The challenge becomes how to implement additional layers of protection for the home and small business user.  I think the best option is a consumer grade firewall appliances – for example the Checkpoint 600 applianceThis appliance offers IPS, Antivirus, threat prevention – scans network traffic in motion before your anti-virus scans it. For small businesses it also includes anti-spam if you are hosting an email server behind it. Most small business today can benefit more by outsourcing their internet security to a provider that specializes in this.

Home Internet Security Defense

How do you effectively filter spam and phishing attempts for home users? Host your own domain and implement spam filtering controls. Get a web hosting account with a company like Bluehost that offers filtering, forwarding, and blocking of undesirable emails. Other options are trusting a web based email provider like outlook.com, Office 365, or Google. Trusting your email security to your ISP is the worst option. When it comes to home Internet security you still need to create layers of defense that protect you from a wide variety of malware. In episode 3 of the NO BS INOSEC Podcast I discuss options for creating these layers and why you should use them.