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Random INFOSEC News – My Wife Got Phished

Phished It happened to my wife at 1AM in the morning on Friday night! There was panic, cussing, and lots of password changing! I interviewed her for this episode to share her story, and the story of how her employer got phished for some sensitive information. Random INFOSEC News Also in episode 4 I talk […]

Home Internet Security – Is Antivirus Enough?

Home Internet Security Home Internet Security is a topic I’ve been giving a lot of thought to lately. I don’t think anti-virus is enough, and it hasn’t been for quite some time.  Consider today’s threats: malware embedded in PDF’s, Drive by exploits, java script attachments in zip files, macros in excel documents, phishing sites, XSS […]

Finding an INFOSEC JOB

Finding INFOSEC Jobs Finding INFOSEC Jobs is the topic of discussion in episode 2 of the No BS INFOSEC Podcast. In this episode I discuss strategies for finding INFOSEC jobs, questions you should ask yourself, and the company that may be hiring you. Before starting an INFOSEC job search, or IT job search you should […]

Disaster Recovery Discussion With Cathy Sullivan | No BS INFOSEC Episode 1

Disaster Recovery Disaster Recovery is the discussion topic for episode 1 of the No BS INFOSEC podcast. My guest, and also co-host, is my wife Cathy Sullivan who works as an IT project manager in a large technology company. In this episode we discuss disaster recovery and how it’s relied on too much as the […]